Friday, 3 September 2010

Come on, enough already! Turn down the heat!

It was 35C today! It's September already, isn't it?!?
Often, by this stage, we're on typhoon no. 19 or so, but this last week, there was typhoon no.s 6, 7 and 8 - all at the same time, but at least they were all on the small side. Everyone is expecting a conveyor belt of typhoons, including big ones, from here on in.......
We've already broken the record for hottest August, maybe also we'll get the "highest number of typhoons in a short period" or the "latest typhoon ever" or the "biggest" one, or......... okay, okay. I think my brain is sizzling here.
Our living/dining/kitchen air conditioner broke down late July, just before we were to go to Ireland for a holiday. We got a guy out to look at it when we got back and were told that the circuit board was gone and that that model was no longer being made, so we'd have to buy a new a/c! Lovely! A week later, we got the new one put in - heaven.
It's bigger, it's better, it's cleverer than all those preceeding it - that's called progress! ;-)
This a/c follows you around! You can tell it to go away, if you want, and it can tell you that you're burning too much CO2! It can also tell you that it's burning a hole in your bank account so unless you wish to live in debt, you'd better turn the temperature up, or turn the whole thing off! An a/c with an attitude! Is that reverse progress?
We also "had to" replace our TV. It's been acting up since spring last year and all the hitting on the side has caused it to buckle, so we reckoned that rather than hit our way through the casing, we'd better replace that too.....
It's bigger, it's better....... but unless the programmes improve, it's not going to get any more use than the last one..........
Now, my car is also acting up........... if it's not one thing, it's another.......... teenage machines!! You can't live with 'em but even more so, you definitely can't live without 'em. More's the pity.