Monday, 12 July 2010

It is STILL raining!

We had a couple of reasonable days, reasonable being defined by the fact that we could open the windows and not get either blown out of it, or drenched by the rain. But overall, it has been raining for the better part of the last few weeks. ENOUGH already!
Today is no exception. Currently, it is pouring out of the heavens and is quite windy at the same time. It's dark, and humid and I really just want to curl up in bed and sleep it out. Preferably with the a/c unit on its dehumidifier setting, and the ceiling fan on, and a nice mug of coffee when I wake up. I know, I know, there is such a thing as ice coffee, but no matter how hot and muggy it gets, I want my coffee hot.

This picture is of the water runoff area across the road from our house. It's quite deep and the grasses are tall. You rarely actually see any water in it, but these past few weeks, after some of the really heavy rain, the water level rises. It's not too bad here, but at times you can't see the grass because of the water.

In summer, this place is a haven for frogs. They're especially noisy at night, and sometimes it makes it hard to sleep. The bull frog chorus isn't exactly a lullaby!

Because of all the rain and the heat, the garden looks like an untamed swamp. The weeds are practically knee-high, and while many of them can be taken out with a good pull, the weather is totally uncooperative when it comes to free time. You have time? It pours. No time? Only a drizzle. Don't forget, you need your wellies (so you don't sink) and practically full armour to protect yourself from all the mosquitoes and other biting insects.

However, this morning while I was vacuuming the room, I spotted two female pheasants wandering around the garden. I think they were happy because the weeds gave them some sort of protection. But, one of my cats spotted them, and started crying at them (window was open slightly) and the birds ran off. NOT however, before I got a couple of photos.

So, here they are, my Monday morning guests:

Please ignore the state of the garden - afterall, the pheasants like it ;-)

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  1. Ha ha, wait till you get to London. Unless we get a lot of rain all the grass is dry, brown and crunchy underfoot! (Actually a bit like the last time you were here with Y iirc).