Tuesday, 2 August 2011

still here

Despite the length of absence, I'm still here and so is the blog......... just about. It's August now, so there's been a long gap since the last post. No apologies, no excuses, just carry on....... lol
It's hot and muggy outside and floor and ceiling fans aren't quite doing the job, so the a/c gets put on while bracing for an expensive electricity bill... yikes. I do not like the heat, and even more so the humidity. I'm much happier in the autumn or winter. October is perfect, November even... Currently, it's about 28C but feels like 31c and humidity is about 75%.
Typhoon No. 9 is winding its way up towards us at the moment. If we're lucky, it'll veer off westwards (meaning either China or SE Asia will get hit instead ... sorry guys). If it goes on its current path, it will probably go through Korea, giving us a sideswipe. This typhoon keeps changing course, so we don't know yet what it's going to do, but it looks like it might be the weekend - as all good typhoons are! Hah!
As a comment on the heat, one of our cats sleeps like this - has to air out the parts, you know......
The other one finds places like this
or this.....

I don't know whether she's lonely or just likes getting in the way, but she burrows her way onto the desk of whoever is sitting down and then starts to stretch and push books off left right and centre. If the person leaves the desk, she does too..... weird cat......

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  1. Welcome back missus. Love the cats. I sleep a bit like the first one. Muggy down here too but we do get a bit of a sea breeze, alas not on the first floor.
    Thank the gods for air-conditioning even though I seem to know a lot of foreigners without it recently. These people also spend most of their not at home too. Anyway roll on the Autumn.Fi