Wednesday, 9 June 2010

It's a beautiful day!

It's an absolutely gorgeous day today - after the morning clouds and haziness cleared off, the sky turned a fabulous blue. I brought my camera with me to work this morning and took some photos on the way home - the long way, as I wandered around for a while.
I have always loved the view along this river. There was a lot of traffic today so I didn't go up on the narrow bridge to take photos, but rather drove down beside the river a bit. It's a narrow road, but luckily no other cars came along. There was no place to do a U-turn, so I ended up on a dirt track to get back out on the main road.
The mountains you see straight ahead are the Aso range, with the volcano, Mt. Aso as its focal point. By the time I got to take pictures, it wasn't very visible, but on my way to work a couple of hours previously, the volcanic steam had been very obvious. Mt. Aso is an active volcano and also boasts itself to be the "world's largest caldera."

I love, love, love where I live. The space and the views are great. We are near the mountains, but a 45 minutes drive to Kumamoto city centre, or less than 30 minutes drive to any number of shopping malls, or "new towns" that have been built over the last 10 years.
This is (if I can get the photo up in the middle of this post - here goes ...) the view from our bedroom. This is looking southeast.
Photo keeps going to the head of the post ......... ummm......... do I keep trying or do I give up? ..........

Got it! Right, I see.......... do you really have to cut and paste the html every time, or is there an easier way of moving photos......?


  1. Absolutely love the name of your blog. Fantastic! it took me a while to work it out, I worked out the Crann amhain bit, but to a while for the rest, until I copped on to the final seven letters in the name. Excellently clever use of three of your languages. Fantastic photos. you'll do wonders for Japanese tourism with breath taking views like that!

  2. hi Sinead
    thanks for your great comment! There aren't many people here who could work out the address, so I had fun making it ;-) Simple as it is!
    Around early August? We'll be back then......!! Got to meet up!!

  3. Hi Anne Marie, welcome to the blogging world. It really can become quite addictive. I've only be here about a year but it feels likes I've grown up here!!

    Your mountains are gorgeous, I wish I had views like that!! I get excited when I can see Mt Fuji on a clear day (and there ain't many of them). I climbed to the top of Mt Aso when I first came to Japan 10 years ago-that was an interesting experience!!

  4. Hi Achan, thanks for the welcome. Love the photo at the top of your blog - where are you living?

  5. Anne Marie I am living in Shizuoka but the photo on my blog was taken just outside Sydney when I was home last. I love Jacarandas :)

  6. i love aso!! do you live in north or south aso?

    as for photos, i find it far easier to just use photos from flickr. you copy and paste the html at flickr (but it's really easy!); i find the blogger way clumsy and frustrating.

    i hope to read more from you!

  7. Thanks Illahee. I might give that a go and see which way works out easier.