Thursday, 3 June 2010

Well, hello there!

I know a lot of people who keep blogs and I love reading them. Some are by people who I've never met; some are by friends of friends; some are by people who I meet quite often. I enjoy them all.
As for myself, friends have told me that I should write one. That I'd enjoy it. That they think I'd "be good at it" - thanks for that ;-)
But I really don't know if I have enough to say. No, scrap that. I could ramble on for ages about various things. But I don't know if I have something 'worthwhile' to say - whatever that means.
So, I'm going into this blogging thing telling myself that it's for me. It really doesn't matter what I say - or does it? After all, I haven't decided yet whether I'll tell anybody about it yet! ;-)

So, if you stumble across this, or if later on, I do let it slip, then please forgive the irregularity, the grammar, the mess, and in the early days, the looks of it all as I find my way around writing and laying out my first blog!


  1. Hello fellow blogger!
    I love the photos- It is gorgeous where you live. Photos- I upload all the photos first and then write inbetween them. If you find a better way let me know!

  2. And about time too;) Lovely to see you here in the blog-o-sphere(or whatever it is called!).

  3. thanks Claire and Marianne.
    Photos...... aha, if I was organised enough I could do that, Claire... though I'm more likely to end up going looking for photos in the middle of writing ..... ;-)